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farah atta

Crossfit Level #: L1


Hi, my name is Farah! I am majoring in kinesiology; sports and exercise physiology track at UCF. I am originally from Egypt. I was a gymnast for over 12 years and I also played lacrosse and soccer for a little bit. I enjoy being outdoors and trying new sports like tennis or volleyball. My favorite place to be is the BEACH, put me at the beach and I’ll literally be the happiest girl ever. My friends call me beach gal sometimes.. just sayin🤷🏽‍♀️ My favorite quote is “The only thing that is stopping you from where you are to where you want to go is your comfort zone.” -Dhaval Gaudier 

Coach Q&A

  • Shoe brand preference:

Nike Metcon

  • Lifters or No: 

Nope, but I would like to try!

  • Weight belt or No:

Occasionally, I like to see how heavy I can go with no support. But with deadlifts, for sure.

  • Supplements: 

Whey protein

  • Favorite Lift:

Overhead squats

  • Favorite WOD:

Diane, anything with handstands basically.

  • Cheat Day favorite food(s):

Brownies with ice cream. I've also been into asian food lately. Pad Thai from Hawkers is my fav fav dish!

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